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The History of Powdered Metal

The following takes a look at the history and steps to use the process of powered metals. The process of sintering dates from around 3,000 B.C., according to some archaeologists. Many experts credit the Ancient Incans with using powered gold in the manufacture of jewelry items hundreds of year ago. Early manufacturing efforts involved very “low tech” production mechanisms compared with the modern era.

Ancient Incans lacked the ability to rigorously measure and control metal melting points. They also did not possess equipment capable of producing steel and stainless steel products uniformly and repetitively in high temperature environments.

Manufacturing firms did not really begin utilizing powder metallurgy in mass production settings with controlled manufacturing processes until well after the development of the Industrial Revolution. Powdered metal manufacturing initially gained impetus at the turn of the Twentieth Century with the mass production of light bulbs and the invention of welding. Ultimately, powdered metal coatings became important in automotive and aviation industries. Today, the numerous advantages supplied by this specialized type of metallurgy have contributed to significant, ongoing growth in the field.

Today, metal powder industry federation represents over seven unique industry groups. These organizations represent associations of manufacturers allied to disseminate information about powdered metallurgy standards and powdered metal products. The members include companies involved directly in powder metallurgy manufacturing, as well as firms engaged in producing metal powder and powder metallurgy machinery, performing isostatic pressing and metal injection molding, synthesizing metal additives and investigating refractory metals.

The existence of a metal powder industry federation testifies to the growing importance of this niche metals fabrication market. It also reveals the sharp increase in the number of applications for powdered metal components during recent years. See more about the details at

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