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HIP Cladding & Diffusion Bonding (Welding & Joining)

HIP is used in a range of applications to clad, weld and join dissimilar materials. For example, sputtering targets are made by HIP consolidation and diffusion bonding of the required coating material and its substrate.

  • HIP creates essentially seamless diffusion bonds of similar and/or dissimilar materials with different melting temperatures.
  • HIP is used for solid state diffusion bonding of complex configurations and materials which will not permit fusion welding.
  • Fusion welds are densified by HIP. This not only improves properties and relieves welding stresses, but also improves inspectability because ultrasound scattering is reduced.
  • In some cases, powder is consolidated and bonded to a substrate in one operation.
Materials that typically can be joined using HIP:
  • Composites
  • Diamond/ hard facing materials
  • Brazing and welding materials
  • Super alloys
  • Stainless steels
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Titanium alloys
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Dissimilar temperature materials

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