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Production of complex metal parts

By utilizing PM HIP

We are able to produce net shape parts which serves as a benefit to those looking for material properties normally delivered by closed die forgings but with the design flexibility available with castings.

HIP of “Near Net Shape” and “Net Shape” Parts for Critical Applications from Advanced Powdered Metals

HIP has two major applications:

  • Healing of inherent internal defects (mainly porosity) in castings and welds,
  • Consolidation of powdered materials into solid (100% dense) blanks and shapes.

HIP of castings  is actually a special heat treatment under high pressure and is controlled mainly by the trajectory of the HIP cycle (combinations of pressure, temperature and time) that are almost fully established for the main processed materials. 

   Technological models of HIP densification are based here on the well known regularities of heat transfer in solid materials and phase transformations during heat treatment 

   Time, temperature and pressure conditions for the HIP cycles are selected to assure permanent removal of porosity.  It is important to mention, however, that  as far as certain phase transformations are associated with the volumes changes of the appropriate phases, the applied HIP pressure can alter  the value of these previously established temperatures.

HIP of powder materials is a much more complicated process, as formation of a part  and consolidation of powder during HIP is provided by a capsule  that gives the initial shape and dimensions for the powder bulk and transfers with the partial shielding the external isostatic pressure of the gas media onto the powder providing its full consolidation.

Volume difference before/after HIP.

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