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Products Produced by Powdered Metal Process

Many types of manufacturing processes are available, including powered metals products manufacturing. Currently many popular products involve the use of powder metal during the forming or finishing phases of manufacturing. One popular use of this technology involves the creation of the diamond and tungsten carbide grinding blades used in faceting gemstones. In order to cut corundum, jewelers require very hard materials.

Powered Metals

Tool manufacturers learned to embed industrial diamonds in tough grinding and cutting blades formed with the assistance of metal particles. Many rock saws depend upon powdered metal cutting and grinding blades today.

Another very popular use for metal powder relates to finishing iron or stainless steel parts by applying coatings capable of improving corrosion resistance. Metal parts intended to withstand a lot of friction, such as drill components, or to endure harsh climatic conditions, such as equipment used in arctic environments, enjoy longer useful lifespans when manufacturers apply specific types of metal powder coatings during the finishing phase. Numerous proprietary coatings help promote this goal. See more about the details at

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