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Powder Metallurgy of Titanium

Powder metallurgy (PM) of titanium is a cost-effective alternative to conventional wrought titanium. We are looking at traditional and emerging technologies, including the production of powder, and the sintering, microstructure, and mechanical properties of PM Ti. The production methods of powder are classified into two categories: (1) powder that is produced as the product of extractive metallurgy processes, and (2) powder that is made from Ti sponge, ingot, mill products, or scrap.

The mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V produced using various PM processes are analyzed based on their dependence on unique microstructural features, oxygen content, porosity, and grain size. In particular, the fatigue properties of PM Ti-6Al-4V are examined as functions of microstructure. A hydrogen-enabled approach for microstructural engineering that can be used to produce PM Ti with wrought-like microstructure and properties is also presented.

Synertech and LNT can produce and supply PM HIPed Ti 6-4 blanks (regular shapes and Near Net shape (NNS) preforms) for machining with the excellent lead time of 5-6 weeks at competitive prices under AMS 4994 and ASTM B265-11 using cost efficient Ti 6-4 alloyed powders, but for applications not requiring special  specs (like Honeywell or Boeing), i.e. for military, rockets, electronics, chemical industry, power generation and commercial applications.

Abbreviations: AM: additive manufacturing; ARC: Albany Research Center; BE: blended elemental; BUS: broken-up structure; CCGA: close-coupled gas atomisation; CHIP: CIP-sinter-HIP; CIP: cold isostatic pressing; CP-Ti: commercially pure Ti.

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