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Titanium Parts for Aerospace Applications

Titanium parts are frequently found in products used by the aerospace industry for all types of applications. Most of the titanium formed is utilized exclusively in aircraft engines and frames. Titanium is known for its superior strength and low weight. Titanium parts are used the most often for aerospace, giving companies with the essential parts and services they need to operate.


Titanium has a number of qualities that make it a material of choice in the aerospace industry. Featuring a solid resistance to corrosion and the highest strength-to-weight ratio found in any type of metal, titanium parts are used for jet engines, firewalls, missiles, and a variety of other aviation products.

Titanium is excellent for aerospace applications for many reasons including a high strength to weight ratio, plus very good corrosion resistance. Titanium is used in many types of parts including:

  • Forged wing structures
  • Landing gear
  • Critical fasteners, springs, and hydraulic tubing
  • Booster rockets
  • Manned spacecraft
  • Throughout the International Space Station

Through years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we are an aerospace industry professional with a wide range of essential skills, and our team can develop custom solutions for aerospace industry. We have become a leading manufacturer of titanium components for the aerospace industry.

Synertech and LNT can produce and supply PM HIPed Ti 6-4 blanks (regular shapes and Near Net shape (NNS) preforms) for machining with the excellent lead time of 5-6 weeks at competitive prices under AMS 4994 and ASTM B265-11 using cost efficient Ti 6-4 alloyed powders, but for applications not requiring special  specs (like Honeywell or Boeing), i.e. for military, rockets, electronics, chemical industry, power generation and commercial applications.

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