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Dedicated Cold Isostatic Press

CIP Vessel

We are able to utilize CIP for pre-pressing elementary or blended powders. CIP can be used in conjunction with PM HIP processes or pre-sintering applications. Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a process using simultaneous high pressure and temperature over a set amount of time to improve materials properties. These vessels are computer controlled to specific parameters to yield the desired improved properties.

Our services happen in a furnace is inside a pressure vessel pressurized with argon. The uniform pressure and elevated temperature allows for diversification and eliminating any product defects while at the same time improving the mechanical properties.

In addition to removing defects, the process can also be used to layer materials together or even consolidate powders into solid form resulting in a improved product than that obtained with traditional methods. Hot isostatic pressing is a well-established method for the enhancement of a wide variety of materials, listed below. Ask us more about the cold isostatic pressing process also.

Synertech PM offers quality, fast and affordable hot isostatic pressing services. Our cold isostatic pressing or hot isostatic pressing cycles are overseen by our experienced technicians with precision and skill to ensure superior quality and customer service.

Contact us for your PM CIP & Cold Isostatic Press services for your project.

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