Synertech PM

Synertech PM Inc., will regard as prority the maintenance of its equipment and the education of its personnel to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.


Research and Development (R&D)

We provide:
Synertech PM Inc. has a unique engineering team which includes 5 PhDs with 100+ years of combined experience. Our engineers provide innovative solutions in development and manufacturing for the HIP tool design and HIP consolidation of advanced materials.

It leads to:

  • unique ability to use accurate, complicated computer modeling to predict the deformation behavior for producing fully dense components using metal powders, which meets all customerís requirements.
  • lower pricing due to significant cost reduction in material and machining of net and near net shape parts.

  •     Rapid prototyping and SLA to manufacture prototype HIP tool for the critical components
        HIP bonding of copper to different structural materials
        Tests of bimetallic specimens to verify HIP bonding parameters
       Tensile and creep tests to verify the properties of HIPed materials
        High temperature tests of porous samples as a data input for process modeling.
        CMM and Reverse Engineering for net shape parts
        HIP process computer simulation based on the proprietary FEM codes
        HIP Bonded Surface Layers (HBSL) to adjust critical components to the harsh environment
        Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the HIP tool